European Licence Ledger

A digital register for content ownership + licence rights.

International film trade requires a legal framework for negotiated licences to be valid. As an integral part of IMZ Online Services and integrated into Content.Agent, the IMZ developed the European Licence Ledger: a digital register for film licences, which – in combination with the ISCC code4film – will serve as a legal basis + protect licence rights with an unprecedented level of security.

The European Licence Ledger digitally stores, secures and encrypts, all data on content ownership + licence rights.
It is non-profit + based on state-of-the-art blockchain technology, guaranteeing copyright protection in a digital world.

The European Licence Ledger

  • guarantees copyright security: registers ownership + rights information to resolve possible conflicts.
  • enhances market transparency: by playing back relevant information to IMZ’s Content.Agent, content buyers can always find the correct distributor for the licence they need.
  • stores information securely: All legal information is stored within a public blockchain.


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