ISCC code4film

A content-identifier for multimedia assets

Together with the ISCC Foundation, the IMZ developed the ISCC code4film. This standard provides a solution in the form of an international content-based identifier. With this tool any artistic product can be identified: films, music tracks, manuscripts and even snippets of film. With that the intangible value of an asset is helped to be protected.

The ISCC code4film is:

  • Open-source + free to use provided by the ISCC Foundation and further developed by the IMZ.
  • Non-profit oriented. The tool can be installed for free on the server of any market player. 
  • Uniquely assigned + issued de-centrally.

An open source solution for a modern global market

ISCC is an open source, non-profit solution provided by the ISCC International Standard Code Foundation which can be installed for free on the servers of any market player. Once installed, it generates an identifier based on the digital content (film files, books, music files, etc) by building on four dimensions:

In our case, whenever an audiovisual asset is re-sized, re-assembled or even reused in another creative process, the ISCC Film Identifier recognises the asset even if it has been altered in whatever ways.

Content Identification with the ISCC

IMZ + ISCC: A Match for the Future

The IMZ will use the ISCC for the following purposes:

1. The ISCC is an integrated part of Content.Agent allowing to identify digital assets even if it has been altered.

2. This service is continuously optimised + refined and will be provided to IMZ Members as part IMZ Online Services. This means that the ISCC Film Identifier will be generated by market players themselves for their digital assets, without them leaving their well-protected storages.

3. While ISCC identifies audiovisual assets, the European Licence Ledger on Content.Agent registers all information on asset ownership + licence rights. The combination of both allocates possible licence conflicts and initiates conflict resolution processes automatically, thus safeguarding state-of-the art copyright protection.


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