IMZ Metadata Standard

An inclusive standard

To tackle the challenges of digitalisation, the IMZ developed a Metadata Standard that establishes a unified format for content data sets. This allows consistency + compatible structures for a wide range of industry players. Integrated into Content.Agent, the IMZ Metadata Standard also makes it easier to browse + find the right asset (film/music file, literary piece, artistic work etc.), increases content visibility and guarantees compatibility between buyers + sellers.

The IMZ Metadata Standard ensures:

  • High-quality metadata requirements for simple, fast and cost-efficient content 
    trade – less time spent on data maintenance. 
  • Streamlined + automated data processing for a faster + time-efficient content trade. 
  • Facilitated browsing + searching for content. 
  • Increased visibility of assets.

The IMZ Metadata Standard is inclusive of all forms of content, including music + film.
Any content can be classified in a uniform and universal structure. In turn, content is traded, protected + handled more efficiently, helping buyers, sellers and distributors trade more time and cost-efficiently – actively shaping the film trading business.

The IMZ Metadata Standard runs on sustainable technology: it uses XML structure, proven to be sustainable, flexible and easily compatible with other systems. 


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